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September 27, 2010

a Monday Night List


today was the twenty-seventh day of september.
it’s 68 degrees and nearly midnight and i’ve had the windows open for 36 straight hours.
the forecast for the week shows nothing higher than 85 degrees.
my feet are a bit chilly, and i just had to change from shorts to lounge pants.
this is the beginning of my heaven.
i planned to watch 37 tv series this fall.
no fewer than 11 of the series air within a three hour block on thursday nights.
i’m really good, but even i can’t manage eleven shows on one night.
not even with a dvr and feeds from both the east coast and the west coast.
i dropped one of them altogether, along with another show that airs on tuesday nights.
they were both from the cw network, so it’s no great loss.
after one week, i’ve watched 21 of the 37 shows.
in four days.
hello. my name is J, and i’m a tv junkie.
this is the twenty-fourth list i’ve made on this blog since the first of september.
i’m a few days behind, so there will be several lists posted on tuesday in order to get back on track.
i’ve realized that my lists are not typical.
i can’t simply list things. i have to explain them.
there is always a story.
but isn’t that why you’re here?

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September 4, 2010

September Listography | Day Four

I wonder: what comes next
I know: I needn’t worry over that question
I need: a little less sleep but a lot more rest
I want: to find rhythm and balance
I hear: that’s a lifelong ambition
I see: more creativity from myself than I have in a very long time
I love: the way my brain works
I hate: the way it keeps me awake for days
I am: still trying to find comfort in my own skin, yet…
I am not: overly concerned with it anymore
I should: eat less and move more
I should not: believe that will alleviate all of my concerns
I wish: there were more answers, fewer questions
I regret: letting that reality turn into anxiety at such a young age
I cry: at very odd times but not when people expect it
I laugh: loudly and often, and…
I sing: loudly and often, but only when I am alone
I swoon: over character actors more than leading men
I miss: living during the days when clothing was structured and hats were worn regularly
I make: it a point to remind myself what is True and Who is Faithful
I have: a best friend who reminds me that I’m worthy of love
I learn: more about life and love and joy with every passing day

My Listography was inspired by the site of the same name and by list-maker extraordinaire Andrea at hulaseventy


June 3, 2010

this moment

right now, I should be heading to bed but don’t quite feel ready yet
right now, I have much on my mind, and yet…
right now, my mind is not filled with thoughts of worry
right now I am perusing photographs and finding inspiration in other people’s mundane moments
right now, I am thinking how nice it is to be still and not allow the chaos of my current reality to dictate my thoughts
right now, I am thinking about a creative piece that continues to gestate in my mind
right now, I am hearing the distinctive ::clink:: of aluminum bats as the Tide battles LSU for the SEC Championship
right now, this inspires my creative piece, and…
right now, this takes my mind to the first Alabama boy, and…
right now, I’m resisting the urge to text my best good friend — for whom the creative piece is being, umm, created — because it is nearly 1:00 AM for her and the text would not be as well-received as reading this post in the morning hours
right now, I find it very difficult to resist that texting urge
right now, I love that most all things are leading to conversations with my friend because…
right now, that keeps my mind off the chaos that threatens to consume.

with thanks to Jennifer McGuiggan for the inspiration

August 3, 2009


Today I return to work full-time after 8-1/2 months unemployed.
Today I admit to being a little bit anxious about returning to the same job from which I was let go.
Today I feel much better physically than I did last year when my health problems caused the absenteeism that led to the termination in the first place.
Today I’m looking forward to getting back on the schedule that the rest of the world lives by.
Today I am thankful for God’s provision over the past 8 months and for what will be coming in the next ones.
Today I can find no reason to complain.

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