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August 21, 2010

a Saturday list


1. I woke up at 5:35 this morning.
2. I was dreaming of carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I’m not even sure I like carrot cake but now I won’t be able to release the thought until I have some. Stupid subconscious.
3. I blame this dream on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars. Stupid Food Network.
4. I can’t bring myself to say “Stupid cupcakes.” That’s just wrong.
Saturday morning hair5. My hair is so bushy long now that I can stretch it into a tiny little ball on the back of my head.
6. This is not a good thing.
7. Although it is cooler, and that makes me less cranky.
8. All the white streaks I see in this photo make me more cranky. If you click the photo you can see the white streaks.
9. You don’t have to click the photo.
10. Stupid middle age.
11. Today is Paul Newman day on Turner Classic Movies. There goes my entire day.
12. Stupid TCM.
13. Not really. I love TCM. And Paul Newman. And Robert Redford.
14. The Sting is airing tonight.
15. There goes my night.
16. I compiled a new iPod playlist this week as a soundtrack to a story I’ve been developing for my girl Cerella. I don’t know if she’ll love the music as much as me, but she’ll love the emotional journey of it. We’re in sync like that.
17. There was a Christmas tree in my carrot cake dream last night.
18. There’s a Christmas tree in the Paul Newman movie on TCM right now. Coincidence? I think not!
19. Maybe if I keep dreaming of Christmas trees it will make the days seem cooler. It’s 7:58 in the morning and the temperature is 83 degrees. It will be at least 104° for a few days this week. It’s been that high for most of the month. But by week’s end they’re predicting highs of only 95°.
20. In Texas during August, that’s practically a cool front.
21. Ponder that for a moment.
22. And then reread number 11 and number 15.
23. Makes more sense now, doesn’t it?


August 25, 2009

things that are good for the soul

11.  reconciliation
12.  unconditional love
13.  a deep breath of crisp, clean air
14.  the crash of waves against a rocky shore
15.  the shine from a lighthouse in the midst of pure darkness
16.  waking up in the woods and seeing a deer grazing five feet away
17.  being able to see all the stars in the night sky
18.  honesty in relationships
19.  the unexpected embrace of a teenager
20.  realizing that you are smarter than you think you are

more things that are good for the soul
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August 24, 2009

things that are good for the soul

1.  unbridled enthusiasm
2.  uncontrollable laughter
3.  receiving a hand-written letter from a friend
4.  the elegance of a string quartet featuring cello and violin
5.  a tree overflowing with white blossoms that was bare the last time you saw it
6.  a single sprout of green breaking through a gravel-covered patch of land
7.  freedom to worship our Creator
8.  meals made from the freshest of ingredients
9.  personal, intimate conversation among trusted friends
10.  Oleta Adams singing “Get Here”

more things that are good for the soul
   1-10 11-20 21-30 31-40
May 8, 2009

favorite things: TweetDeck

I’ll admit that I’m calling this a favorite without a waiting period or trial run, but I can’t help it. I’m already in love and I’ve barely even looked at it. TweetDeck is my new best friend! A way to keep up with Facebook and Twitter without actually logging into each separate website. Yes, yes, I realize this would not be necessary if I had a proper phone to handle the business, but the fact is I’m phone-poor and have no actual prospects on the horizon. TweetDeck is my next best thing. I’m already at the computer all day (and night) long, so this platform is the best and most convenient way for me to feel connected with the least amount of effort. I’m sure the newness will wear off, but today, I’m in love.
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