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May 29, 2009

unplugged (mostly)


Friday, May 29, is my chosen day to UNPLUG. The idea is a challenge from jodified, to simply shut down the computer, cell phone, tv, etc., and go out to do life with camera in hand. I am taking the opportunity to pursue one more item on my list of 40 things, and I’m sharing that day with nephew #3’s pal, Flat Stanley. It’s a day to simply lift my head and see what my world has to offer. I couldn’t be more excited!

UPDATE: Friday evening
I didn’t fully unplug, and with good reason, so I wanted to post my favorite unexpected joy of the day. I hate that these photos are not in focus, but I was sitting on the train when I noticed these people and I had but one chance to shoot. Apparently, there’s a comic convention in the city this weekend, and these guys were on the way to the site. If I hadn’t been so thoroughly exhausted I would have jumped off the train and doubled back to take photos of all the attendees. This was definitely the most creative and inspiring moment I had all day — and that is saying SO MUCH!
Watch for my complete recap of this UNPLUGGED day on June 1st.

artful living   I saw this guy first, and I was simultaneously enchanted and terrified. Chances are, this is what he was going for. Oh, how I wish I had a clear image of this. He was incredible.
artful living   And this lovely young woman was a companion of the first guy. (See him in the back?) It’s hard to tell but her skirt was outfitted with a full hoop, and she was radiant. Just imagine cruising down the concrete streets of downtown Dallas and seeing this vision turn the corner. Such a thrill for me!
artful living   And then this small group was not so much in costume as they were simply expressing their own styles. Or maybe these are costumes and my lack of knowledge is showing. (I hope that guy on the left is in costume!) Regardless, it was just delightful to see such creativity and personal expression walking confidently through the streets of Dallas. It made me want to join them all!

More to come!

May 29, 2009

How many Fraggles can fit in a nest?

While I know the bird stories may be getting very, very old by now, I still find these little guys so weird amazing and can’t believe the way things seem to change daily. Tonight I found this:

nest of Fraggle birds

At first I thought it was the parents sitting inside the nest and crowding the babies. Until I got a better look in Photoshop:

nest of Fraggle birds

I’m pretty sure those are the babies! Do you remember how they looked only a few days ago? Seriously! What are these fraggle birds eating?! The good news is that they’ll soon be leaving the nest, which means I can reclaim my doorstep and have management do some industrial cleaning.

And speaking of cleaning, I set out to take away the empty dove nest so that I don’t begin to see an infestation on my balcony, and look what I found:

not so empty nest

I haven’t seen the dove in days but now there’s a single egg in their nest. What in the world is going on?!!!

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May 24, 2009

they grow up so quickly

When I peeked outside today to check on the Dove Family, the babies were all alone for the first time. And not exactly babies anymore!

dove babies, all alone

My most recent photos were taken just last week, when both were staying safely under Mama’s protective wings. And they were half the size they are today! I never realized dove grew so quickly.

I shot this one photo and then tried to step toward the side to take a better one, but my one slow step spooked them and off they flew. FLEW! I’ve never been witness to the babies in flight, but apparently they’ve been ready for quite some time. It spooked me, in fact, when they suddenly exited the nest! But my heart leapt at the same time. Mama was nowhere in sight, but these little guys are ready to begin their lives, I think. It saddens me a little to realize that, very soon, this will be the only sight I see on my balcony:

Dove Family's empty nest

May 22, 2009

now THIS is inspiring!

As I trudge through my current creative bog I am looking for inspiration, something to kickstart my senses and remind me why I love to create. This weekend provides the perfect opportunity, a light shining through the gray clouds that seems poised to lift me from the sucking mud in which I stand.
Memorial Day Bloghop - Cards for Heroes
The mission at Cards for Heroes is quite simple: to support our nation’s armed forces by sending blank greeting cards to soldiers so they can write home. There are many organizations writing letters to our soldiers, but this is the first group I’ve heard of that actually puts its focus on the soldiers’ thoughts of home. I can’t imagine a more inspirational endeavor than providing a creative way for them to express such strong emotions. Beginning Saturday, May 23rd, join me in taking some time to view each card posted in nearly 100 blogs dedicated to this important cause of providing hope and encouragement to these men and women, the best our nation has to offer.

Memorial Day Bloghop
all images via Cards for Heroes

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