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August 29, 2009


unplugged in August
Taking the day off today to finish out #25 on my 40 Things list. More to come!

August 28, 2009

things that are good for the soul

41.  creating a friendship through words alone, and developing that friendship without once meeting face to face
42.  doing your best, above and beyond what is required, and then receiving unexpected praise
43.  finding newborn pairs of baby dove in the same nest, in the same place, again and again throughout a single year
44.  providing a comforting touch to a stranger
45.  allowing yourself to be swept away
46.  viewing, up close, the work of a master
47.  staring into the night sky
48.  taking a day “off” from everything
49.  hearing complete and total silence
50.  writing it all down

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August 27, 2009

things that are good for the soul

31.  continued romance after 50 years together
32.  finding something you thought was lost
33.  hearing praise offered up to God in a language you don’t understand
34.  being moved to tears
35.  losing track of time when you have nowhere else to be
36.  experiencing a culture vastly different from your own
37.  dancing without inhibition
38.  playing a sport simply for love of the game
39.  finding yourself “at home” during your very first visit to a city
40.  seeing a rough-and-tumble guy, with tattoos from shoulders to ankles, step aside to allow an older woman to exit the automatic doors before him

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August 26, 2009

things that are good for the soul

21.  having a friend who listens to your venting without passing judgment or trying to “fix” things
22.  meeting a new person and feeling as if you’ve always known each other
23.  feeling your heart skip a beat when someone attractive catches your eye
24.  sensing the flush of your skin when you catch the eye of that same someone
25.  viewing something that takes your breath away
26.  accomplishing something you didn’t think you could
27.  clearing the clutter (both physically and mentally)
28.  understanding the magnitude of the universe
29.  turning tears into laughter
30.  being witness to true love

more things that are good for the soul
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