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January 27, 2008

I have a dream…

The call of God is like the call of the sea;
no one hears it but the one
who has the nature of the sea in him.

— Oswald Chambers

I have a dream. Today I realize I have always had a dream. From childhood the dream has been the same — but I often have not recognized it. All I have ever wanted to do is travel and experience the vast cultures of our world, to immerse myself in people and place. I want to see how others live; I want to live among them. I want to know everything about this fascinating community of humans on this earth. And suddenly, today, I understand that this is the dream my heavenly Father has placed in my heart. He created me with a great desire for knowledge, a spirit of tremendous wanderlust, a merciful heart, and a talent to write all that I experience in a way that engages other people. Suddenly I realize that my God has been cultivating all of these qualities throughout my entire life.

Now, at this very moment, I understand that this is my dream — and the mission He spoke to me in Romania is the revelation of that dream. My dream is to minister to God’s people throughout the world. What a great and precious honor!

January 1, 2008

New Year’s reflection

With the beginning of each new year it is common to reflect on the closing one and wonder just what lies ahead. As I look toward 2008 in a state of unemployment, singledom, and uncertain financial situations, I am reminded that I have nothing to fear. I have nothing to worry over. For I know Whom I have believed and I trust that He is able to work out every detail. I have a history of God’s faithfulness on which to draw strength, and I can see Him working out every small detail in my recent days. Do I wish for more? Sure. That’s a human response. But I wish this with complete faith in my God. It’s okay for me to be uncertain, frightened of the unknown, impatient with the long dry spells. God wants me to come to Him with all of my roller coaster emotions and present them in truth and humility. He’s not unaware of my emotions. He knows how I’m feeling long before I understand it. And He’s ready to comfort me when I cry out in despair. As long as I actually cry out. As long as I come to Him. As I look toward the days of 2008, I am certain of only one thing: I will feel settled when I am sitting before my Savior King. Then, and only then, will He reveal His plans for me. I look forward to learning just what they are.

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