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March 29, 2007


Jeff Warren has been encouraging us to make a conscious and deliberate sacrifice during Holy Week, and it has become clear to me that I am to refrain from watching television during these days. From an intellectual standpoint it sounds so superficial to choose TV as my sacrifice, but those who know me can attest to what a challenge this will be for me. I’m an habitual viewer, a huge fan of multiple television series. I watch three to four hours each night, seven days a week. TV is my mental release at the end of the day when my head has been so full of numbers and names and tasks and plans that I need to stop thinking entirely, need to empty my brain. My chosen TV shows are the perfect avenue — my thoughts can recede and allow someone else’s voice to take charge during those evening hours before I try to sleep. This serves me fairly well most of the time, and I do get great pleasure out of the serialized dramas and crime procedurals that fill my weeks. So giving these up for a full week is not easy for me.

I’m choosing this sacrifice because it is a sacrifice of “my time”. In giving up television I am giving my evenings back to God. I am choosing to let Him work on some areas in me that I’ve resisted thus far. I plan to do some reading that will help me face (and hopefully begin to overcome) an issue I’ve been avoiding, and I’m planning to organize my notes from my recent study of Daniel to cement its insights into my mind. Four hours each night is a lot of time, but certainly one week cannot provide adequate time for all the things the Lord has brought to my attention. Which means this week is likely to be a first step of sacrifice. It’s just like God to bring me to a place of surrender and then give me the desire to take a step further. Perhaps this will begin a season of sacrifice.

March 1, 2007

Time does fly, doesn’t it?

I have two creative goals for 2007. First and foremost (because it’s simpler to pick up again) is consistent blogging. How could an entire year have passed? It’s not that I haven’t read any books or seen any movies, but I’ve failed to chronicle these details of my life and now must play catch-up. Or maybe I should just move forward. Probably a combination of both, being the beaver that I am. And so we begin again. How time flies!

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