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June 30, 2009

5 random questions

The following 5 questions were forwarded to me (on request) by Susannah Conway of ink on my fingers in her efforts to pay forward the random question idea. If you’d like to receive 5 random questions, please leave a comment below and include your e-mail address.

1. If you had to be stuck in an elevator with someone, who would you choose?
My first inclination is to name a current actor obsession like Christian Kane, whose voice soothes me, or Clayne Crawford, who is just so adorable. I also considered longtime interests like Neal McDonough or Damian Lewis or Jason O’Mara, simply for the opportunity to express my love of their work. But I might be better off choosing someone like Hugh Jackman, who would be undoubtedly hilarious in the situation, or perhaps Ewan McGregor, who might be equally entertaining. Then I thought about the reality of being stuck in an elevator, the idea that we could be there for hours and hours, and only one name came to mind: Beth Moore. Beth would be ideal because (1) she would also be hilarious and probably would react the same way I would — first with disbelief, then nerves and finally, a resignation to the situation; and (2) the possibility of a truly uplifting conversation would be most likely with her. She would appeal to our God as I would in such a crisis, and she wouldn’t allow fear to overcome us. And if I was stuck in an elevator, I’d want someone who didn’t panic. I don’t know if Beth would panic or not, but I do know she wouldn’t allow the situation to get the best of us. And that’s exactly what I would need to hear.

2. What compels you to keep a blog?
For me, blogging is an extension of sharing my life story. It’s a way to scrapbook my life and present it to a wide audience, and it’s a platform for all that God is doing to make me the woman He knows I can be. I want my family and friends to have a picture of what brings me joy and pain and sorrow and victory, and I want to share those moments with the people I love. I’d hate to learn that, after my death, no one felt they got to know me. I guess that’s desiring to leave a legacy. And blogging is my small way of doing that.

3. Finish the sentence, and expand on it: I’ve always wanted to…
experience the various cultures of the world and document them for others who may never encounter life beyond their own community. I’ve always wanted to see what lies beyond my neighborhood, and I’ve always wanted to understand what makes people live and act the way they do. And above all, I’ve always wanted my niece and nephews to get a sense of the richness that our world can offer to them and to believe that they can go anywhere and do anything that they dream.

4. London, Paris or Rome?
Wow. That’s like asking “what kind of jam on your toast today?” Some days it’s strawberry, others apricot, and still others sweet blackberry. It’s a daily choice among constant favorites. But if I had to choose right now as if I was going to leave tomorrow for a month-long excursion, I’d choose Paris. There is a dream-state to Paris that has long held my fascination, and its beauty is more than simply sights to behold. I’d try to soak up as much as I could of Paris, but then I’d venture out to Rome for a chance to see its history and art up close. Then, after exploring both cities fully, I’d wind up in London and settle. This would probably be my choice of residence. I’m not sure exactly the appeal for me, but I can envision myself living in London more than the other two. It appeals to my city sensibility. Plus, I (sort of) speak the language already!

5. What are you most proud of?
I don’t often feel pride in my life; I tend to focus on what I haven’t done instead of what I have. I don’t like that about myself, of course, but I’ve had so many dreams in life and haven’t fulfilled any of them, so my mind and heart tends to feel the void more often than the fulfillment. But when I consider what exists in my life of which to be proud, it always shifts to people. I’m proud to be loved by a niece and 3 nephews, and I’m proud that they don’t find me embarrassing or hugely annoying (most of the time, anyway). I’m proud to have survived tumultuous relationships with my parents and sisters and to now count them as friends and be counted as a friend by them. I’m proud that people describe me as kind, and even sunny(!) at times, so that I know I’m acting as a friend should and am important in others’ lives. And I don’t know anything I’d rather be known for than these qualities and character traits. This is a life well-lived, and that’s something to be proud of.

June 28, 2009

this is how it should be…

a perfect weekend


June 26, 2009

unplugged :: June 25, 2009

unpluggled   Date: June 25, 2009
   Activities: Father’s Day outing with Dad
   Location: Movies 14 in McKinney and Chili’s for dinner
   The Plan: an afternoon viewing of UP, with mixed reviews, and    an early supper at Chili’s with Mom

     Father's Day Outing, 2009

     The idea of being Unplugged was inspired by Jodie.
      Read the original post and plan an unplugged day of your own!


June 25, 2009



Today I’ll be celebrating my dad by taking him to lunch and the cinema for the movie UP. Mom’s probably coming too, at least to lunch. UP isn’t exactly her kind of movie, but we’re trying to convince her. Nevertheless, it is a mostly Unplugged day. I wonder what my camera will see this time…

Unplugged was inspired by the incredibly talented Jodie Allen.
You can read about the concept on her blog and plan an unplugged day of your own!


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