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March 27, 2010

a week in this life: Saturday

I had all kinds of plans to finally clean my flat today, to finally take down the layers of dust and piles of stuff. But it’s still March, and our trip season is still in full swing, which means I had more work to accomplish on yet another Saturday. Couple that with a week of icky stomach irritation and this day just didn’t happen as planned. Instead, I quickly reached the Pajama Point of No Return. But good things did come from that: the work got done and my Google Reader stands empty.
This week… things were accomplished, though not the things I hoped.
This week… ended much the same way it began.
This week… has been, more or less, a typical snapshot of my life.
In all its mundane glory.
a week in this life

March 26, 2010

a week in this life: Friday

Eric Stoltz in 'Caprica'
Like most people, I use Friday evenings to wind down and clear my head of all the stuff that came up in the preceding week. But since I’m a total homebody and cherish my solitude, my Friday nights are generally spent online and with TV. I’m in that tiny demographic of TV watchers who help keep struggling series on the air when they’re given the dreaded end-of-week time slots, and I will often watch back-to-back-to-back shows long into the wee hours, even after working a full schedule. Though I’m exhausted by week’s end, my mind doesn’t always shut down and I’ll find myself unable to sleep long after I should have collapsed. And so I watch TV. Thankfully, Friday night television has been quite interesting to me for some time now.
I wasn’t certain I was going to be interested in the series Caprica when I first watched the pilot last fall, despite my great love for its predecessor, Battlestar Galactica. But I was intrigued just enough to check it out when the new series began in January. The cast features many actors I’ve enjoyed through the years, and the concept of Cylon origins is of great interest to me. Yet, Caprica began its run as so many TV series do, by attempting to gain an audience through shock value and “edgy” material. I’m happy that I continued with it, though, because the series truly found its legs about 1/3 of the way in and it is now just as compelling as Galactica but on its own merit. Though it is a prequel to Galactica, it is truly its own entity with a universe entirely new and separate. The only ties that bind the two series, in fact, are the central ideas of artificial life becoming sentient and the price that humanity pays in the name of progress. Caprica is slick and high-minded, but it is also dark and teeming with moral dilemmas and hard questions. But none of these reasons explain why I’ve come to love spending my Friday nights in Caprica. Above all, I love this series because of Eric Stoltz. This performance is probably one of the greatest of his career — and there have been some great ones in the past — as the evolution of his Daniel Graystone character has been nothing short of riveting. Stoltz himself has been riveting. Without him, I’m not sure the series would be as engaging, and I know that his character (who is central to the mythology) would not have nearly as many layers or as much nuance. For my money, Stoltz is what makes Caprica a good series. And he is the reason I keep making time on Friday nights.
On this Friday… I am planning things again.
On this Friday… I am thrilled with the possibilities.
On this Friday… I am thankful for unexpected motivation.
Oh, and I’m pretty happy to see this guy, as well.
James Marsters in 'Caprica'

March 25, 2010

a week in this life: Thursday

I’ve mentioned here before how selfish I am with my weekends, how each weeknight I try to accomplish all those pesky but necessary little errands so I don’t have to leave my apartment on Saturdays. I cherish those moments of solitude. But before I can get to isolation Saturday, I have to spend my evenings at the grocery store, the book store, putting new tires on the car and dropping off this thing or that at my sister’s house. I’ll make five or six stops at various stores in search of a perfect gift, and I’ll even spend a few hours just wandering aisles to relax and clear my mind. I enjoy it, too. I enjoy spending those hours during the week accomplishing my To Do List just so I can keep the weekend clear of obligation. There is a sense of accomplishment in the process and a sense of freedom in knowing that my Saturdays are open for whatever I choose. Even if I choose to do nothing at all.
Tonight… I’m loving the extra daylight hours.
Tonight… I managed to stay on task and in budget.
Tonight… I avoided the bright and shiny things. With ease.
And there were some very appealing bright and shiny things.
Bring on the weekend.

March 24, 2010

a week in this life: Wednesday

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a good worker bee. My work ethic, much to my dad’s chagrin, is fairly non-existent. That’s not to say I don’t do good work; in fact, I produce work of the highest quality, thanks to my perfectionism. But I’m not always happy to be doing the work, and I’m not always happy to be sitting in an office 8 hours a day — even just three days each week. But the one thing I am happy to do, what I always do in every office I work, is take control of my space and make it reflective of me. Note the computer wallpaper featuring apartment buildings in Scotland. The striped coaster for my dragonfly tumbler and Kleenex box in a funky little pattern. The fun little calculator and cute paper stand. A mousepad featuring the Sydney Opera House, the mini-fan to keep me cool, and tiny little magnet board for important notes. And the source of my sanity, ear buds plugged into the desktop speakers, allowing me to block out the distractions and pipe in the music throughout the day. Everything on my desk has a flair that brings me joy. Sometimes it’s just about the things you can control.
These days… I spend half the week at a computer and half among shipping supplies.
These days… I’m thankful for a dedicated work space for both kinds of tasks.
These days… I strive for balance between what must be done and how it gets accomplished.
These days… that’s the best I can do.
row 1: foyer of my building in the downtown area / candy machine outside my office (not as tempting as you might think) / the staircase to the third floor that is the bane of my existence // row 2: t-shirts of years past and this year’s supply awaiting shipment / thank you gifts ready to head out // row 3: the wheel of prizes, marketing materials and luggage tags for the travelers / how my desk greets you: a little reminder about FAITH

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