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July 31, 2008

birds, birds, everywhere!

Though I’ve been focused on the sweet little dove family living on my balcony, I haven’t mentioned the fact that a second bird family lives outside my front door, as well. These are not dove. These are not sweet. They’re scrawny, squawky little things that look like they belong in Fraggle Rock. They’re Fraggle Birds. And they’re directly over my head as I exit my flat. DIRECTLY. I have to side-step as soon as I exit for fear of what might land on my head. But since the Fraggles are not yet airborne, I am tolerating them for now. When they begin their swooping, these babies are outta here. Right now, though, they make me laugh. Crazy little Fraggles.

Fraggle Birds

Fraggle Birds

July 29, 2008

dove family

There are only two little babies! And this morning they were starting to hop around a little outside the nest. Growing so fast!

dove family

July 27, 2008

new life

For the past 3 weeks I’ve been watching a sweet mourning dove in her nest on the shelf outside my balcony door. This week I finally saw her little ones, growing very quickly, in fact. Such an awesome thing to see this whole process in motion!
Mommy Dove

Baby Dove   Baby Dove

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