goals for March

Because I failed so miserably last month, I’ll be implementing the consequence I set for myself in my HealthMonth plan: unplug for one extra evening every week during the new month. And this time I’m making my goals much more specific so I can’t justify fudging them. Discipline! It’s past time to make that happen.

I’ll only be tracking the first three goals on the HealthMonth site, but I will also keep track of the other four so that I’ll have a measure for each of them by the end of the month. Here’s to better success in the next 31 days!
March goals


2 Comments to “goals for March”

  1. love that you are setting specific, tangible goals. so good — but dang, so challenging!

    • Thanks, Alece! You’re right that it’s been OH-SO-CHALLENGING and I’ve failed miserably in some areas, but I knew I had to really push myself if anything was going to change in my lifestyle. So, I’m celebrating my successes and refocusing for the months ahead in those areas where I still falter. It’s all baby steps toward measurable goals. Thanks for checking in with encouragement! It means a lot!

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