February wrap-up

I’m thrilled to put this month’s data to rest and clean the slate for March. The numbers are ugly and I’m tired of looking at them. Thanks February, but it’s time to move on.

Below is the snapshot of my month, but let me first address the 3 additional goals that were kept offline. I didn’t fare well on most of them but did see a tiny bit of success during the month:

  • Drink at least 4 glasses of plain water every day: though I didn’t do this every day, I did begin to build that habit into my plan. At least a couple days each week I put aside flavored beverages and switched to water, noting that I drink more when I fill a bottle than when I pour a cup full. I also rid the flat of all soda, forcing me to make a special trip if I crave a Coke, and I haven’t been picking up more than 3 large Cokes per week. A vast improvement already!
  • Unplug from TV and laptop 1 full day per week: I did leave the TV off for several days during the month, often a couple in a row even, and I put the computer aside once or twice on a couple of evenings, but I never fully unplugged from both at the same time. There’s no excuse for it, either.
  • Write story chapters at least 2 days per month: zero percent. Zero. Shameful.

Ultimately, my success graph looked like a roller coaster, and my life points plummeted pitifully. Even the one area that seems to reflect some improvement (exercise) is not accurately represented in that I didn’t actually “walk” two miles each week but rather counted any kind of movement at all as “walking.” I still count that as improvement — anything that qualifies as Moving More is worth registering on the chart — and I now know to be much less specific about my exercise goals if I want my successes to be properly measured. I’m not happy with February’s results, but I am taking what little good was accomplished and building on it for next month.
february wrap-up


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