goals for February

With a new month comes a new set of goals. This month I’ll be working three online at HealthMonth + another three outside of that site (simply because listing more than 3 goals at HealthMonth requires a monthly fee of $5.00, and that’s too rich for my unemployed self right now). My goals for February are equally for diet purposes and for personal enrichment. I’m a big believer that motivation and creativity go hand in hand, so I’m building in some “unplugged” time this month to force me to get creative (both with time and in projects). And I’m actually looking forward to it! I’ve used my computer and my television as such a crutch for so many years that I honestly have to force myself to put them down during the long stretches of night (and day!). February is my first step to breaking some bad habits in this regard. So, here we go!

February goals


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