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April 12, 2010

12 on 12

12 on 12 of April
clockwise from top left
1. I woke up an hour and a half past the alarms. Made it to work in less time than usual, but ten minutes late nonetheless. Not even the forwarded clock in the car could change that fact.
2. Of course, that meant I wasn’t fully made up by the time I got to the office. But I never go anywhere without the brows and lashes.
3. With spring comes colorful clothes. And shirts that perfectly match my favorite pendant.
4. Perhaps a favorite skirt could set the day toward a better path?
5. My regular desk was occupied by a visiting trainer. Not that I minded setting up the Mac across the hall.
6. After having my productivity questioned, I wanted nothing more than starchy comfort food. Meredith must have read my mind.
7. By the afternoon my face was beaded with perspiration. Don’t know if I want to spend the summer clipping my hair back. I may have to cut it after all.
8. My chin reacted badly to the stress of the day. Fortunately, it’s a small blemish.
9. I’m not sure if the makeshift bird repellent is going to do the trick. Those crazy fraggle birds seem to be challenging me with the beginnings of a new nest.
10. The welcomed nest is empty now, baby dove having flown away Friday. I never move the nest since the mama always comes back.
11. An evening with the newest bright and shiny thing. I think I’ve got what I need (and want) now.
12. So happy Mom and Dad visited over the weekend and there was leftover food in the fridge. Tonight, I really just wanted to be still and not think.

“12 on 12” was lifted from Cathy Zielske, who was inspired by the original Twelve of Twelve.