thankful: sisters

3 different girls Sisters
  Joanie Jules Janeen
Middle name   Michelle Marie Melanie
Also known as   JoJo,
Joanie Dichelle
Julie, J, AJ,
Lulie Darie
Neen, Jusneen
Named after   Aunt Joan;
Dad chose the middle name
Hazel Marie,
Kathleen Jewel
no one; Dad chose it for the “JM” initials
Intended name   Jason Murphy Jason Murphy Jason Murphy
Birth order   middle oldest youngest
Looks most like   Moon family + Qualls body type Qualls family + Moon body type Qualls features, through and through
Skin tone   Medium fair Ghostly pale Olive
Original hair   blonde, thick, straight reddish brown, fine, curly dark brown, thick, straight
Eyes   medium green, extremely near-sighted green with blue rims + brown flecks, extremely near-sighted dark brown, near-sightedness corrected by Lasik
Height   5′ 7″ 5′ 6-1/2″ 5′ 3″
Feet  9-1/2, stubby toes 10W, stubby toes 9M, long toes
College degree   Education,
East Texas State University
Texas Woman’s University
Criminal Justice,
Texas A&M at Commerce
Occupation   Elementary School teacher, F/T Admin Assistant / Webmaster, F/T Elementary School substitute, P/T
Family   husband Shane, daughter Kiwi,
son W.S.
1 niece + 3 nephews husband Mark,
sons K2 and D
Temperament   goofy, worrier optimistic, critical silly, wants control
Takes teasing  
not often sometimes to a point
Motor mouth   yes yes yes
“Piggy Nose”
yes no yes
Maintenance   high high high
Injuries   broken arm no broken bones,
but prone to falling down stairs + running into furniture
fractured foot + T-spine from car accident,
broken finger
Athleticism   improving non-existent,
throws like a girl
works out occasionally
Musicality   flute, piccolo in
high school band
sings loudly when no one is around drummer in
high school band
Music preference   CCM, pop, country 80s New Wave, country, soundtracks pop/rock, country
comedy, 80s films dark + gritty,
crime drama,
chick flicks, Food TV
Traveler   close to home,
Texas, Arkansas,
Texas, Chicago,
St. Louis, Romania
Texas, California, Tennesse, Ohio, Caribbean cruise, Jamaica
Memory   sporadic photographic selective
Logical   least most sometimes
Emotional   most moderate least
Weird obsession   knowing something about everything Hollywood trivia M&M candy dispensers
Nerd factor   medium off-the-charts low

The basis for this comparison chart was lifted from a scrapbook page by Angie Lucas.


2 Comments to “thankful: sisters”

  1. Fabulous picture! Oh, I LOVE IT!
    Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!!

  2. Exactly right on all accounts! We are all so different, yet so similar. Great post

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